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Women's Center Director
Phone: (805) 893-3778


Priority Registration for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate student parents who care for their dependent children may be eligible for priority when registering for their classes. In order to be eligible you must have a child under the age of 18 who is dependent on you and living with you at least 50% of the time. You will need to show proof of the dependent on an annual basis and provide a statement of need. If you think you might qualify for this benefit and are interested in receiving priority registration for the following quarter contact the Women's Center.

Associated Students Childcare Grants

Associated Students offers grants for students who need extra childcare coverage during midterms and finals. You may qualify if you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate UCSB student this quarter, you have the responsibility for care of a dependent (proof must be provided), and you are applying for childcare funds due to an upcoming midterm or final. Please note: Funds are limited to $120/quarter and $350/year per student. For eligibility and application information, please contact the Women's Center.